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My name is Sanjana Chavan. And I am the artist behind Poga & Pogi. Me and Poga my boyfriend started sharing comics based on our everyday experiences and relatable ideas on the internet back in 2019. We were just teens. 

It was Poga who encouraged me to draw for the internet. Today, I draw and manage most of Poga Pogi. While, Poga helps in different ways for the growth of our now merch Poga Pogi. 

We currently are in a LDR.

I am a freelance artist that works from home. He is a mechanical engineer working day job away from his home and family. And Piggya (the pig) is like our own conscious self. That eats, sleeps, feels and works.

I always wanted a website of my own. And here we are. Launched our merch on 8th of July 2023.

Which is also Pogya's birthdate. Hehe.

Idea of introducing merch was for the people that love our comics. And would love buying our products.

That's all :)

We hope you enjoy our website and get something that enhances your cuteness.

Thank you for reading,

Poga & Pogi

Check out our Instagram page: @comics_pogapogi

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